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Just a heads up to everyone who doesn’t know what’s happening to the Palestinian people in Gaza right now due to the Israeli offensive. 341 Palestinians (most of them civilians, children, etc.) and 5 Israelis (2 civilians 3 soldiers) are dead. THIS IS FUCKING GENOCIDE AND YOUR GOVERNMENT FULLY SUPPORTS IT

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I’m such a fucking idiot man holy shit ahahahsvbsbwhahhehehwhehgagsywhhwgge

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Ill be in target by the avocados

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Sailor Moon by Azizi Gibson

When I’m with you I’m whole
When you left you took half of my soul
I fucked up and I know
Now it’s too late for me to make it right
I miss you so
And these memories I can’t let go
Damn, you never get old

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Get Yours by Flatbush Zombies Ft. Diamante



Flatbush Zombies Feat. Diamante - Get Yours

Theres no us with out you

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